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Oct 11, 2008

Author: ck
Posted on Sun October 12, 2008

Tonight was a quite night.  Just mum and I for dinner, fixing whatever was available.  So…. we had a grilled spatch-cocked chicken, grilled artichokes (with a grilled lemon aoili) , grilled (roasted) peppers, grilled corn on the cob (desilked, soaked in water, drained and dehusked, rubbed w/ a butter compound and rehusked, and then grilled- on the cool side of the grill), fried greenish heirloom tomatoes, sauteed beet greens and we had a white Rhone.

Meals are about congruent tastes and whatever is in season and figuring out how to meld them.  I think that is something that I do well (at least to my tastes and I think to those that I serve).  As I recently told a friend,  I am not a great cook, but I like to think that I make up for talent with enthusiasm and great ingredients! 

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