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Oct 3, 2008

Author: ck
Posted on Sat October 4, 2008

For the second night in a row I had the opportunity to cook for old family friends, in this case it was Aunt Dorothy and Dave.  My mum and Dorothy have known each other since they were 14!!!  I made a spitchcocked pollo di avolo, grilled artichokes (with aioli), roasted sweet potatoes, butter bathed japenesse turnips, and bruschette made from heirloom tomatoes.  I was lenient on the wine choice- I let everyone choose what they wanted- I had a Provencal Rose, Dave had a Shariz, and mum and Dorothy had an AMAZING 2003 Weingut Riesling- YUMMMM (they were all Yummy actually).  I would just like to add that we were canning tomatoes during this time- we got 10 pints and 4 qts from 38lbs of organic tomatoes, which brings this year’s total to 28 pints and 10 qts.  Whoohoo!

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