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Posted on Sun October 12, 2008

OMG!  As an English Major and a foodie, I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Once again, Marthe read an  intreview in the NYTimes and bought me a book, this time for Christmas.  WOW.  A food anthology (with recipes!!!) by Molly O’Neill.  Thomas Jefferson’s recipe for Ice Cream, my first exposure to Jean Anthelme Brillant-Savarin (how did I miss HIM?), but basically a reader for american food and map of who we are, where we have been,  and a maybe of where we are going. 

I have had the privalage of working with with some amazing chefs in the US (while I worked for Green Circle Organics\Sunnyside Farms), those who spearhead where we go, and I can honestly say, that givein the chef’s I know and the growers I have worked with, I have hope.   Hope for our farms, hope for our bodies, and hope for our tables.



Posted on Sun October 12, 2008

Have you read it?  If not you need to.  It was very funny, but I had seen 3 reviews, and before I could run out and buy the book, my friend Marthe had given me the book for my birthday.  She said, “I had a whole theme planned out butthen I heard this interview on PNR and I called Barnes and Noble and asked if they had the book and they did and they said they could hold it for 72 hrs and I said I’ll be right over.  I knew it was perfect for you”.  I haven’t finished it, but the  book is riviting, of course maybe only if you like wine, but Marthe was right, it is the perfect book for me.