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Guess What?!!

Author: ck
Posted on Thu April 16, 2009

I know I have been gone forever.  I am still alive, but had a crazy busy winter, but I am back now.  I got a great gift for Christmas, a propane smoker.  It is eaiser to regulate than my side firebox and I can get really low temps so it can act as a cold smoker as well.  I LOVE IT!!  I have friends that call me Martha Smoker because I will smoke almost anything.  So far it has been wings, brisket, salt, trout, homemade sausages, chickens, and duck.  Last week I made bacon.  Honest.  I got a pork belly from Dupont Farmer’s Market, cured it, and then smoked it over applewood.   I will admit that it wasn’t perfect.  It was WAY too salty!  But being the Virginia girl that I am I soaked it for a few days (just like I would a Smithfield ham) and then it was more that edible.  Dipal (Landon’s boyfriend) thinks I need to sell it  to make the family fortune (he is very kind).  

This week I got to meet the man who runs one of the best chaucuterie programs in the country (at Belmont Butchery in Ricmond) about my bacon and he kindly replied “it is a first step in the process”.  I am proud of my first step, but I look forward to the ones to come.